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eMobility and Electric vehicles at the Vienna Auto Show 2019

As #Ampeco previously posted, our team decided to have a look at Austria's biggest auto show that took place in Vienna from 10th to 13th of January 2019 and see how electric autos are represented this year. Although the Vienna Auto Show cannot compete with the Geneva Auto Show it definitely attracted strong international interest and showed where the future of mobility is heading. Electric vehicles were one of the highlights of the event, gathering huge crowds eager to see where this technology is heading. Acknowledging the increasing interest, for the first time at the show the organizers set a dedicated area for e-Mobility with a special focus on educating people on the what, why and how electric vehicles are a great choice for your next car.

Let's just see some highlights from the electric vehicles that were showcased at the show.


The Audi e-Tron was an absolute hit! People were waiting in long lines to be able to get a closer look. You cannot expect anything less from Audi - luxury, dynamics and conform are the words that best describe it. With a 95kWh battery, range of 400 km and charging up to 150KW/h it will serve all your needs including long distance travel. We, at #Ampeco, expect to start seeing a good number of E-Trons on the road in 2019! It's interesting if Audi will be able to satisfy the demand. You can find more about the E-tron here.

The new E-tron 55 Quattro is Audi's first fully electric SUV


Volkswagen presented their new electric concept with a futuristic outlook - the I.D. Buzz business, camper and cargo vans. Spacious and luxurious, it shows what the future of autonomous vehicles can be. Front seats can be turned back towards the passengers, so you can enjoy a nice conversation while the autopilot is taking you where you want to go. The steering wheel is minimalistic and can be pulled back in the dashboard since it's not expected that you use it that often. Although I.D. Buzz won't be the first production car from the I.D. family it certainly will attract new interest and should be available to the public in 2022. Fingers crossed!

The retractable steering wheel of the I.D.Buzz is quite minimalistic as you are not supposed to be using it that much.

The exterior of the I.D.Buzz combines the good old VW camper van lines with futuristic shape and feel.


Yet another Volkswagen family member, Skoda showed us a really cool full electric concept. Vision E is a SUV with a stunning exterior and interior design. With a length of 4.68 meters it is a perfect all-rounder for the city and long distance travel. Range is 500km and battery can be charged up to 80% for 30 minutes, so people shouldn't feel any range anxiety. Highlights on autonomous driving Level 3, car-to-car communication and car-to-infrastructure communication shows us where Skoda sees the future. Constructed on the MEB platform from the Volkswagen group, we can expect a production vehicle in a relatively short time. With the price range where Skoda is positioned it should present a strong offering that should attract more people towards the electric vehicle club.

Skoda's electric SUV has a great looking exterior, and the performance parameters to match it.


The long awaited Porsche Taycan, called Mission E before, was not present at the exhibition but it was the main theme at the Porsche stand. It is a huge bet from Porsche that they can catch-up with Tesla and earn their rightful place amount luxury sport electric vehicles. So far they seems to be on the right track with 20 000 pre-orders mostly coming from Tesla owners as stated by Klaus Zellmer, head of Porsche in North America.

Mercedes and Smart

First thing you see when you go to the Mercedes stand are the Smarts. ForFour, ForTwo, ForTwo Cabrio are all offered with full electric drivetrains. Mercedes EQC, the upcoming SUV from the luxury brand will complete the range of vehicles that end customers can choose from in 2019. You can find specs and some details about the EQC here.

The new Smart, ForTwo series

BMW and Mini

BMW showed their i8 and i3, but so far they don't have anything new right now. Future still looks bright for BMW, because the BMW iX3 that's supposed to be released in 2020 seems like a very solid offering and they will follow-up with an i4 model and iNEXT crossover. They are already offering a wide range of plug-in options for their models. This year a plug-in Mini Countryman was released and they are planning an all-electric Mini in 2019 or 2020.

The new Countryman is not yet fully electric, but BMW is firmly headed that way, planning to release a model until 2020

Kia and Hyundai

The Korean brands showed their new Kia e-Niro and Hyundai Kona electric vehicles. These models are already on the market and with a great design and very competitive price vs value offering they are winning the hearts and minds of customers in Europe. Both brands made statements that they believe in the future of electric vehicles and they will expend their model range with several new cars in the next 2-3 years.

Kia's bid on the EV market - the e-Niro


Of course no presentation of electric vehicles will be complete without the brand that have the biggest contribution for making them the next big thing in the auto industry. Yeah, you guessed it! It's Tesla. You might be living in complete isolation if you haven't heard about them. All their models were there including the new Model 3 and as always they attracted huge crowds. You had to wait in line to get a closer look.

The E-Mobility section

Everywhere you go electric vehicles were attracting unprecedented interest! People are getting more and more excited about them. The growth of customers that are considering to make the switch towards electric is accelerating. Still most of them are not completely sure what happens after they buy an such vehicle. How do I charge it? What do I need to charge it at home and how much it costs? How and where can I charge in public locations? What maintenance is required? What are the advantages and drawbacks? Is the range enough for a long distance travel?

To answer these questions this year there was a dedicated eMobility section. It was organized by INSTADRIVE - a company that offers very competitive options for purchasing all available electric vehicles currently on the market. Government. municipalities, non-profit organizations and businesses came together to educate the people on what is an electric charging station, how and where you can charge, what are the subsidies you can get and other related topics.

Companies like Smatrics, Wien Energy, Webasto, ABB and others are pushing the expansion of the charging networks in Austria. Home charging options were presented including brands like WallBe, Moon, convenient on-the-go charging options like NRG and Go-e and a solar powered all-in-one car solar roof with an integrated charging station from Socar E-PORT.

Organizations like ÖAMTC, EMC (ElektromobilitätsClub) Austria, AMP (Austrian Mobile Power) were all there to answer your electric vehicle questions. They shared personal stories that show that driving an electric vehicle is possible and you can get support from peers if you need any assistance.

People are ready for the electric vehicles

As a conclusion at the end of the 4 days' event in Vienna we at Ampeco, can say that the customers are ready for the electric vehicles. We believe it is up to the government, municipalities, organizations and the business (energy companies, telecoms, retail, automobile manufacturers, etc) to work together and make sure that driving an electric vehicle is cost-effective and convenient.

Having enough charging options in well picked locations is a key ingredient in the whole mix. At Ampeco, our mission is to provide municipalities and businesses with the tools they need to operate charging infrastructure. If you are thinking about bringing charging options to your customers then probably we should talk.

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