A White Label EV Charging Software Suite for Charge Point Operators

AMPECO.CHARGE is a complete EV charging software solution for charge point operators and businesses that operate multiple charging stations - either for their own fleet or for their customers to charge at.

AMPECO.CHARGE is the right solution for your business if you: 


  • Plan to launch a charging network as a Charge Point Operator or extend your existing e-mobility services with charging infrastructure;

  • Operate a fleet of electric vehicles and need a way to manage access and usage of your EV charging stations managed via an OCPP software;

  • Your business offers EV charging to customers/visitors at your premises;

  • Manufacture charging stations and you would like to provide an integrated hardware and software solution to your clients 

  • Manage free EV charging stations and you would like to be able to control access and collect payments via an OCPP software.

Features & Benefits

AMPECO.CHARGE is a feature-rich EV charging software solution that you can use to manage your EV charging network via OCPP, handle management of charging stations, partnership relations, tariffs, billing & payments, CRM, statistics and more. It also provides your customers with a convenient way to use your charging stations through a white label mobile app (for iOS and Android).

Assets Management

Add and manage charging stations and locations. Set access rules and visibility (private/public), monitor usage and consumption.

Web-based Control Panel

Manage all aspects of your charging infrastructure, customer & partner relations, billing and payments, view stats and reports. Accessible online with comprehensive access control.

Tariff Management

Tariffs could be setup based on power consumption or time elapsed or combination of both. Different fees could be applied during charging and for parking after charging is complete.

Parking Sensors (IoT)

External LoRaWAN parking sensors could be configured per location or charging station, providing information about parking space occupancy.


The support of industry-standard protocols (OCPP, ISO 15118) and a modularized cloud architecture make AMPECO.CHARGE future-proof.


Manage user accounts, define access rules and monitor usage. Set access rules and manage user groups to better control access and terms of usage for your users.

Superb Mobile UX

The white label customer mobile app (Android & iOS) is intuitive and well-designed. Being the front-end of the service, it truly delivers an amazing user experience.

Partnership Agreements

Manage agreements with location providers, corporate users and e-mobility service providers. Setup profit-sharing, discounts and special terms for partners.

Hardware Agnostic

The system supports OCPP 1.6, OCPP 2.0 as well as ISO 15118, allowing for use of virtually any modern charging station within the network.

Payments & Billing

Accept payments from customers, generate receipts and reports. PayPal, credit & debit card and voucher payments are supported out-of-the-box with further payment options to be added upon request.

Roaming & Integrations

Roaming with other networks could be setup, as well as API integrations with other third-party services and systems such ERP, parking apps, car sharing, etc.

White Label

You operate the platform under your own brand. Separate mobile apps under your brand will be published to the App Store and Google Play.

Business Intelligence

View usage statistics and generate and export usage reports. Monitor network activity in real time and export historical data.

Geo-based Ads

An integrated ads delivery module allows for publishing of geo-specific promotional offers per location/charging station, thus providing an additional monetization model.


AMPECO.CHARGE is multilingual and supports localization of currency, time zones & measure units. Your users would be able to use the service in their own language and any language you decide to activate.